• We are getting married!!!

    May 2, 2014

    Today’s post is VERY exciting! We are finally announcing all the details about our wedding!!!!!

    We will be getting married 6 months from today!!!! We have known our date since December but wanted to wait on a few details to blog about it. We have been so busy lately with all of our wonderful weddings that we haven’t had time to blog about our own.

    I’m sure a lot of you have seen on our Facebook our recent trips to Charleston. Well…. that is where we are getting married!!!!!!!!! We are so excited about our location and all of the details! We have everything picked out so we are just waiting for the day!!

    Wedding Date: November 2, 2014

    Venue: Middleton Place, Charleston, SC

    I’m sure you are all dying to know this…

    Photographer: Timwill

    Planner: Pure Luxe Bride

    Florist: Out of the Garden

    Rentals: Ooh! Events

    Cake: DeClare Cakes

    Hair & Make-up: Paper Dolls

    Wedding Dress: Bridal Cottage

    We are incredibly excited about all of our amazing vendors!!

    Here are a few pictures of our venue from the 2 trips we took out there.

    Sneak Peek_0007 Sneak Peek_0008 Sneak Peek_0009Kayla, Francesca (our planner), and Sam (our venue coordinator) walking to the ceremony location.

    Sneak Peek_0010 Sneak Peek_0011 Sneak Peek_0012 Sneak Peek_0013 Sneak Peek_0014 Sneak Peek_0015Kayla, Francesca, and Sam discussing wedding details. We absolutely love these 2 ladies!! Francesca is hard at work!! She is the perfect planner for us!!

    Sneak Peek_0016Sneak Peek_0029 Sneak Peek_0017 Sneak Peek_0018 Sneak Peek_0019 Sneak Peek_0020 Sneak Peek_0021 Sneak Peek_0022Our reception will be inside the building featured below.

    Sneak Peek_0023 Sneak Peek_0024 Sneak Peek_0025 Sneak Peek_0026 Sneak Peek_0027 Sneak Peek_0028

    Many of you have asked, “So why Charleston?” Honestly, we just wanted to get away and have a small intimate wedding. We knew if we got married here it would be a 250+ wedding. We love Arkansas and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else and we must admit Arkansas vendors are the best but we just wanted something different. What drew us to Charleston was all of the gorgeous plantations and oak trees that are dripping with Spanish moss. We love trees and knew that is what we wanted for our ceremony backdrop. Since we are both only children and have become close with each others friends, we knew we wanted a small wedding with just our immediate family and friends. Because of our wedding size, we have gotten to do a lot of gorgeous details that will make our wedding stand out. We don’t want to give too many details away though. Both of us had never been to Charleston prior to January. We were in complete awe of how beautiful it was.

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