• Celia | Marlsgate Plantation Bridal Session

    September 5, 2015

    Stunning bride + gorgeous southern plantation. There are just no words to describe how beautiful this bridal session is. Celia’s dress and bouquet just popped against the gardens and house at Marlsgate Plantation. Enjoy!

    Celia's Bridals-1 Celia's Bridals-2 Celia's Bridals-3 Celia's Bridals-4 Celia's Bridals-6 Celia's Bridals-7 Celia's Bridals-8 Celia's Bridals-10 Celia's Bridals-11 Celia's Bridals-12 Celia's Bridals-14 Celia's Bridals-15 Celia's Bridals-16 Celia's Bridals-17 Celia's Bridals-18 Celia's Bridals-19 Celia's Bridals-20 Celia's Bridals-21 Celia's Bridals-22 Celia's Bridals-23 Celia's Bridals-24 Celia's Bridals-25 Celia's Bridals-26 Celia's Bridals-27 Celia's Bridals-28

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